New York City Personal Injury Lawyer

The Law Office of Kevin L. Mosley, P.C., represents people injured as the result of negligent, reckless or wrongful behavior of others in the following kinds of cases throughout the state of New York:

Car & Automobile Accidents

New York has no-fault auto insurance. This means that your own insurance company will pay for your medical expenses and lost wages. If you have suffered a serious injury as defined by the no-fault law, you can also bring a personal injury lawsuit for additional damages against the at-fault driver.

Trucking Accidents

Trucks moving too slowly or at a high speed can cause serious accidents with pedestrians or other vehicles on the road. At The Law Office  of Kevin L. Mosley, P.C., we can help you assess all aspects of negligence pertaining to trucking accidents and we offer zealous representation to make sure all responsible parties are held accountable.

Construction Accidents

Since construction work is inherently dangerous, New York has special laws to protect workers, including, the New York State Industrial Code. At The Law Office of Kevin L. Mosley, P.C., we are intimately familiar with laws relevant to construction accidents including forklift accidents. The attorneys in our firm advocate for clients who have been injured on the job, at both trial and on appeal, and our representation has actually led to a material change in law in this important area.

Electrical Worker Injuries

Lawyers in our firm represent injured electricians, including many members of Local 3 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in New York City.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors take an oath to practice for the good of their patients and to avoid harming them. Unfortunately, doctors sometimes do harm their patients, either as the result of mistakes or by failing to follow the required standard of care. At The Law Office of Kevin L. Mosley, P.C., we represent victims of medical malpractice, from simple to the most complicated cases. Our experienced attorney handle all types of claims, and are always prepared to take a case to trial to promote a client’s best interests.

Burn Injuries

A severe burn is the type of injury that changes your life. Burn injury victims usually need to undergo years of painful skin grafts and rehabilitation. We work to provide you with access to the best medical care, plastic surgery and counseling to make the fullest possible recovery from your personal injury burn case.

Slip & Fall

Our firm has a successful track record of proving negligence in slip, trip and fall accident cases and obtaining compensation for victims.

Elevator Accidents

While elevator accidents are rare in New York City, they do happen. And when they occur, they usually cause serious injury or death. The Law Office of Kevin L. Mosley, P.C., has considerable experience dealing with this type of personal injury case.

Products Liability

We have proven ability in the area of product liability, having won a $12.1 million verdict in a case involving a defective bicycle that left a youth paralyzed.

False Arrest & Civil Rights

The police also have procedures that are supposed to protect the citizens of New York. Unfortunately, the police sometimes do not follow these rules, act without justification or jump to conclusions to make an arrest and close a case quickly. At The Law Office of Kevin L. Mosley, P.C., we have experience handling these special cases as well as police brutality matters because we understand the unique components to dealing with government actors.

Questions about a personal injury case?

Our attorney is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions. We offer free consultations and charge no fees without recovering damages for your personal injury case.

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