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Semi Truck On today’s roads there are more trucks then ever and with this increased rate of traffic in New York comes an increased risk of an accident. There are many different ways one of these trucking accidents can occur:

  • Rollovers
  • Driver fatigue
  • Jack-knife incidents
  • Truck safety violations
  • Driver drug or alcohol use
  • Uneven or over-weight cargo loads
  • 18 wheeler accident side swipes from sharp turns
  • Semi tractor- trailer crashes resulting from no safety back bar being installed behind back wheels

We know these accidents frequently result in severe injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, loss of limb or amputation, broken bones or paralysis. We will work within the New York no-fault laws and with your insurance company to ensure you are covered. We also work to determine, based on the facts of the accident, the percentage of fault that can be attributed to the truck and its driver.

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Negligence in Trucking Accident Cases

Moreover, when these trucking accidents occur, there are particular issues that must be addressed that are unique to these types of cases.

  • Was the driver properly trained and licensed?
  • Who owns and controls the truck involved in the accident?
  • Is the tractor-trailer leased to the operator’s company or is the driver an independent contractor?
  • Was the truck properly maintained and were the parts suitably serviced?

With truck accidents, determining the proper parties to the lawsuit is complex. At The Law Office of Kevin L. Mosley, P.C., we have an experienced attorney who knows how to address these components and build a case that helps our clients maximize the amount of their recovery. We are available to meet with you for a free consultation to evaluate your trucking accident. We understand how complicated these matters can be; let us use our experience to help you.

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