A Small Sampling of the Successful Results The Law Office of Kevin L. Mosley, P.C. has Won for Clients:

Wrongful death:

  • Construction worker died as a result of self-medicating after being injured by a falling object. My firm successfully argued that the complaint be amended to include a wrongful death cause of action on behalf of his Estate. My firm was successful and this decision was reported on the front page of the New York Law Journal. The end result was a high, six-figure settlement for the Estate.
  • In a wrongful death case involving a senior citizen, our lawyers obtained $630,000 for the survivors. The family’s previous lawyer, a very prominent New York City firm, recommended in writing that the survivors settle for $75,000.

NOTE: Other wrongful death cases are included under other headings below.

Construction Accidents:

  • A $2.3 million dollar award for a commercial painter who fell from scaffolding because he was not provided with proper safety equipment to do his job. The painter suffered a herniated disc with surgeries and fusions of his spine.
  • $1.8 Million settlement for a member of DC9 International Painters Union who fell off scaffolding and sustained multiple disc injuries with multiple surgeries.
  • My firm recovered over 1 million dollars in a case against the New York City School Construction Authority and others in 2016 for a worker who suffered a severe arm injury injured by a defective hoisting procedure falling
  • Recent $625,000.00 result for a construction worker who fell from a ladder, sustained multiple disc injuries requiring surgery. He could not undergo surgery due to pre-existing medical conditions.
  • $600,000.00 result for an electrical worker’s union member who was injured in a scaffolding collapse, sustaining multiple disc injuries which required surgery. He approached my firm with only a few weeks left on the statute of limitations. We commended litigation and achieved a $600,00.00 result on his behalf.
  • $625,000.00 recovery for an electrician who fell from scaffolding sustaining multiple fractures requiring surgery.
  • $750,000.00 recovery for a Local 3 Electrical Union member who fell down a flight of broken stairs at an off-side equipment facility used by his employer, sustaining a fractured leg.
  • $556,000.80 result for a construction worker in a case against the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey in which he alleged an improper man lift was provided, causing him to fall. Plaintiff alleged violations of the Labor Law and Industrial Code which protects workers.

Car/Auto Accidents:

  • A $2.4 million dollar award for a 16-year-old passenger in a two car accident in Geneseo, New York who suffered brain damage.  He was able to resume his education but did have residual impairments.
  • $800,000.00 result on behalf of a woman who underwent a stent implant into her brain. She alleged a rare condition called a Chiari malformation occurring in the lower part of her brainstem, which is generally congenital but which she alleged was caused in a minor auto accident.

Medical Malpractice:

  • A 33-year-old forklift operator who suffered blunt trauma in a Westchester County hospital suffered a bowel perforation that went undetected and undiagnosed resulting in fecal peritonitis and multiple surgeries. In obtaining a $1.6 million award, lawyers at my firm were able to prove departures from good and accepted medical and emergency room practice.
  • Wright v. Brooklyn Hospital, where Kevin Mosley obtained a $1 million mediated settlement in 2012 on a case where an infant suffered a burn injury during circumcision. The case had been turned down by a prominent New York firm.
  • A $1 million dollar award for the estate of a man who was suffering depression and set himself on fire committing suicide. The allegations of medical malpractice were that the doctor failed to detect depression and improperly medicated the decedent.
  • A well known highly publicized medical malpractice case where the son acted as a living donor to save his mother’s life in a liver transplant at a New York hospital. The operation was successful as far as the liver transplant but medical malpractice in the procedure caused the son’s arm to be partially paralyzed from a brachial plexus stretch.  The hospital settled for $900,000.00.
  • Peters v. Tewari – settlement $900,000. This 72 year old man was treated for a prostate cancer by defendant at Columbia Presbyterian. He underwent the usual pre op testing which did reveal lung cancer but was not told and the surgery, a robotic prostatectomy, was performed. At the time of that test the growth was about 2 centimeters in size and was operable. About a year later, when plaintiff was to undergo a routine hernia repair, and underwent the same routine pre op testing, another chest x ray revealed the cancer has grown twice the size and was now inoperable.

Products Liability:

  • A verdict of $12.1 million for a 17 year old New Jersey man who rode a bicycle without a helmet through a red light head first into a vehicle, causing severe brain injuries. This product liability case charged the brake manufacturer of the bicycle with negligence in the design of the braking system.
  • A product liability award of $1.2 million for a machine tender who lost use of his right arm when it was caught in a coil coating line machine in Yonkers.  The litigation team at my firm was able to establish defects in the manner in which the machine was designed and how it functioned, and negligence in the manner in which it was maintained.
  • Johnson v. JKS Realty – This case settled for $400,00.00 at mediation right before trial after a stay in the App Div was denied. Plaintiff, a mechanic, was working under a car that was on a hydraulic lift. The car fell off the lift striking plaintiff in the head causing permanent hearing loss post a fractured skull. Plaintiff alleged the lift was defective.
  • Elias v. State – a 52 year old construction worker was awarded $750,000.00 when he struck his own leg with a saw given to him by his employer on a highway renovation project. We were able to prove that the machine that he was given was an improper tool for the job and that it violated the Industrial Code. He was left with a permanent foot drop.

Premises Liability:

  • A 21-year-old woman Westchester woman who dove into the Hudson River and became quadriplegic won a $2 million settlement from a property owner who failed to properly secure his property. my firms attorneys were able to uncover dozens on instances of prior notice of trespass on the property and failure to comply with local laws on securing riverfront areas.
  • A $1.5 million dollar settlement for a 39 year old disabled man who tripped and fell on a sewer drain in an A & P parking lot.  He suffered a fractured humerus and multiple surgeries.  The strip mall owner and their primary tenant, A & P, had notice of the condition for years but each balked at repairing the pothole.
  • My firm represented a minor in a Federal case who was injured when a tree fell on the minor while at summer camp causing the minor sustaining multiple fractures and crush injuries. The result was a verdict in favor of the minor, in excess of $1 Million which is sealed by the Court.
  • $380,000.00 recovery for a Viet Nam Veteran who slipped and fell at a supermarket, sustaining a fractured hip.
  • $345,000.00 recovery for the Estate of an a elderly man who sustained multiple fractures to the hip and wrists as a result of being struck by a luggage cart. The Estate alleged that the condition of the man rapidly deteriorated, causing his death, 6 months after the accident. My firm successfully amended the complaint to assert a wrongful death cause of action. The case settled immediately prior to jury selection for $345,000.00.
  • $315,00.00 settlement for two infants who suffered from minor affects of lead paint exposure in their apartment.
  • $300,000.00 settlement for a man who was struck by a forklift while on defendant’s property, sustaining a post-traumatic cardiac contusion and other injuries, but returned to work.
  • Gain Cohen vs. VIP Shoe Restorers – 275,000 Settlement click here to read more on the case.

Aviation Accidents:

  • A $1.23 million dollar verdict in Detroit Michigan for the surviving family members of the September, 1983 shooting down of Korean Airlines flight 007 over Russia.

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